Playing With Clipping and Contrast in the Computer

There are a lot of ways to enhance a picture after the camera is done and you are working with them in the computer.  One word of caution, however — make a copy and work with the copy.  If you wreck it, make another copy — If you wreck the original, there is no backing up.

Let me show you something!

Pine coneAs the camera saw the image (with the built-in telephoto)

New_1_Pine coneI adjusted the Clipping and edging in the computer

 There are so many different ways to get a great picture if you just plan ahead a little.  Sometimes, while you are editing, you will also find something you didn’t plan on, and that gives you an even greater bonus.

 Ever see a flower within a flower ???  Not like this one I bet –

Cactus Flower

A simple but beautiful cactus flower – Right ?

flower in a flower Now, go back and look at the flower above this one and you will find the smaller flower, but did you actually notice it before I clipped and enhanced it ?  I didn’t notice it until I had the pictures on the computer and was really looking them over.  I consider these to be bonus pictures.  One that you see I actually planned it with the pine cone, but the other one is an added bonus.

 When planning a specific picture, be sure to include in your planning the light source – if it is needing enhancement (flash) or no.  Also, look at the angle of your shoot, one angle will be good and from a different side, not so good.  To use the zoom or not — Be aware of what you are doing.

As I have said many times, never edit from your camera, wait until you have it on the computer, just to make sure you don’t miss something.  That beautiful rose picture you took just might have a bee in it, making the picture just that much nicer and it will give you an added surprise.  Never edit from the camera, just don’t do it.

 All pictures are taken with the Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR Digital Camera.(My opinion, you don’t have to have a camera with a 2 foot long lens to get great pictures.)


About royandsherry

Roy is retired military as a radar controller, both Airborne and Ground. Spent 9 years as a Radio Announcer and retired from the corporate world after 14 years as an information analysist, working with classified information for a computer chip manufacturer. Roy is a commercial pilot (ASEL) and has a degree in Interstate Commerce Commission law. Sherry worked as an aircraft parts inventory specialist as a government employee, later as a scheduler and coordinator for a large flight school and retired from the corporate world as a legal administrative assistant for a very large computer chip manufacturer.
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