Fall Colors

The autumn colors are almost always guilty of giving a touch of envy to a person with a camera.  Many folks will come forth with oh’s, oooh’s and aaaw’s when they see the beautiful fall colors that nature gives us.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love to see the green trees, a field of green farmer’s crops, but it’s always very special to see the fall colors.

The northern west coast of Oregon to the Columbia river or all of western Washington to the Puget Sound gives some of the most vivid autumn colors of anywhere in the nation.  Oh yes, I have heard of the “New England” majestic colors, but I guess it’s where you are at the time and whatever you prefer.  I have heard that there are some pretty awesome colors in Michigan too, but I have not seen them. 

 Take this as one example:

Oregon flal colors, thank you AddieTaken just south of Portland, Oregon

My thanks to a good friend, Addie Isaacs

I have seen colors such as these because the northwest is my home and we lived there for many years as well.  We did find ourselves in McMinnville (south west of Portland, Oregon) one fall, and found colors like this.  I cannot tell you how much we enjoyed it.  Unfortunately, all those photos were lost.

 I’m sure that there are many places that can give beautiful autumn colors found in many parts of the world, but also, there are many places that do not have the capability of enjoying colors such as this.

New_1_Woodenville Oregon

My thanks to a good friend, Addie Isaacs

Where we currently live, we get God’s colors in a different way.  The next pictures I took out of our back yard, looking west.  We live 40 miles east of Tucson, Arizona.

Blog #30 - GUsed the flash – see the tree trunk?

Blog #30 - EMy last picture is one I am very proud of.  I took it with one of those little “hide in your pocket” flat cameras.

 Blog #30 - F

When you are taking pictures of what the fall season brings you, remember that there are also memories involved, so do a short written bio on each one.  Include the date, time and any detail that will enforce the memory, or maybe fill in the blanks for someone that enjoys the photos at some later time, even when you aren’t there.

Here’s hoping you thoroughly enjoy the fall and all it offers wherever you are.




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Roy is retired military as a radar controller, both Airborne and Ground. Spent 9 years as a Radio Announcer and retired from the corporate world after 14 years as an information analysist, working with classified information for a computer chip manufacturer. Roy is a commercial pilot (ASEL) and has a degree in Interstate Commerce Commission law. Sherry worked as an aircraft parts inventory specialist as a government employee, later as a scheduler and coordinator for a large flight school and retired from the corporate world as a legal administrative assistant for a very large computer chip manufacturer.
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