Interesting Pictures of Color Contrast —

It can be very interesting to seek out color contrast, but you’ll get a big surprise if you intentionally work to find those contrasts, but even more-so, you will probably get an enormous surprise at the magical pictures you get.  Look at this one (below).  It was taken from an upper deck looking in the back yard of a home in Portland, Oregon.  Try and name all the various colors found in this picture.

 Pictures from old computer 409

Challenging, isn’t it?  This picture was taken in late April or early May in Portland, Oregon.  Unfortunately, I don’t have more exacting details, but it really doesn’t diminish the beauty of the photo.

Pictures from old computer 077

This example (above) of color contrast is of a totally different subject, but the principal is the same – color contrast makes fine pictures.  This was taken on the Oregon coast and of a small stream or brook with the bubbling waters working their way towards the ocean.  There was color all around me.

Pictures from old computer 431 Color contract in above picture isn’t quite as vivid or intense, but none the less, it is pronounced and interesting.  This was taken on the Pacific Ocean Oregon beach.  You can see the driftwood on the bottom of the picture.

Pictures from old computer 080There is a lot more stark color contrast in the above picture, but also, in the upper right corner there is something interesting in the construction of the building.  Also, on the left side, the green tree shows a lot of color of the northwest.

Pictures from old computer 405This picture has very little color contrast, but it vividly shows the rainbow against the dark raincloud in the background.  My wife caught this picture while we were in California.

 Now, the big surprise – not one of these pictures was taken with a camera that any professional photographer would even consider.  It was one of those little flat cameras you can carry in your pocket or the ladies can drop in their purse.  It’s proof that you don’t need a camera with a two-foot long lens just to make fantastic memories.  These pictures could very easily be taken from some of the cell phones available today.

 These pictures are fine for memories when you add the written word to enhance the memories and explain at least something about it.  They would also make fine memories for gifts, especially if you add a mutual friend or two.  I’m thinking of those cubes made for holding photos, or maybe a calendar or booklet made for gifts.  After all, memories are memories.


About royandsherry

Roy is retired military as a radar controller, both Airborne and Ground. Spent 9 years as a Radio Announcer and retired from the corporate world after 14 years as an information analysist, working with classified information for a computer chip manufacturer. Roy is a commercial pilot (ASEL) and has a degree in Interstate Commerce Commission law. Sherry worked as an aircraft parts inventory specialist as a government employee, later as a scheduler and coordinator for a large flight school and retired from the corporate world as a legal administrative assistant for a very large computer chip manufacturer.
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