Strange Arizona Weather

Things can happen that are just “jaw-dropping” when you finally get the details of what created a picture, or an image. Sometimes even pictures make it a little hard to believe, but it happened.

This was taken (the day after the storm passage) on September 18, 2014, in Benson, Arizona, 40 miles east of Tucson. There was a bad storm west of Mexico but instead of heading west as normal, it turned almost straight north in its travel. It came up the “Gulf of California” between the Baja peninsula and the Mexico mainland. As it neared the upper end of the water, it turned east and aimed at Tucson, with high winds and a lot of rain. Weather forecasters said that we could expect from 3 to 8 inches of rain from this one storm over 2 or 3 days. Remember that part of not really believing I mentioned earlier? It happened.

As it turned out, Benson wasn’t hit to hard, but the damage on a larger scale is very large with bridge washouts and road closures. The main storm actually split with much of it going east towards El Paso or west towards Phoenix, (hitting Tucson as it went through).

The next morning after the major rainfall and winds, there was just a light mist in the air and it created many pictures of unusual scenes. I have seen these, while I was growing up in the Portland, Oregon area, but never here. See the water droplets clinging to the grass?

DSCF1203The next picture shows what the grass in the field looks like. You can clearly see the seed pods with the seeds ready to drop. Those are Mesquite trees in the upper background, so there is no mistake where it is.

DSCF1210As the day is progressing towards the afternoon, the sun is trying to break through the gray skies and while the temperatures are failing to be “normal”, they still will be expected to reach the 80 degree mark. I doubt if it will reach that high, but maybe .

DSCF1212It doesn’t really show, but the sky in this picture is a very solid gray overcast. Temperatures at 9:00 were around 72, very comfortable. Well, so much for the major storm that came by, dropped in and said “hello” in the way it does best.


About royandsherry

Roy is retired military as a radar controller, both Airborne and Ground. Spent 9 years as a Radio Announcer and retired from the corporate world after 14 years as an information analysist, working with classified information for a computer chip manufacturer. Roy is a commercial pilot (ASEL) and has a degree in Interstate Commerce Commission law. Sherry worked as an aircraft parts inventory specialist as a government employee, later as a scheduler and coordinator for a large flight school and retired from the corporate world as a legal administrative assistant for a very large computer chip manufacturer.
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